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The Commentary

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My Commentary on MAF (Part 1 of N)

Chris Aronchick

I have a fairly extensive post on maximum aerobic function (MAF) training as defined by Dr. Phil Maffetone and reinforced by Tawnee Parzac at Endurance Planet. In order to keep with a Monday release date, I won't be able to publish it all at once, so I hope that you'll bear with me as I deliver this piecemeal.

My takeaway: MAF is the best tool to train by if you want a simple, nearly-bulletproof system to follow.

MAF is about exercising at or below your maximum aerobic functionif not all the time, the vast majority of the time,

The intent of this limitation is to stimulate your aerobic system into adapting and improving while maintaining a low level of risk of injury and overtraining that can ultimately sabotage your fitness goals.

In brass tax for me, it means, for me, running at 141 beats per minute on each and every run.

So the question is why, and why is it better than other programs? 

Please stick with me until next week at which point I'll provide my support for this program.